Advantages of Astral Projection – Dr. Sandeep Bhasin

Many friends have asked me what are advantages of Astral projection.  I will like to share with you my understanding about this topic

Astral Projectione, Out Of Body Experience

  • Astral projection gives you first hand experience that  we are much more than this physical body. Once you have an experience of being in Astral body and separating from Physical body you can understand that we can continue to exist after this physical body.
  • It removes your fear of death. Once you realize that you continue to exist after death your many fears of Death are abated for you know in reality there is nothing like death
  • It activates your chakras and energy body. To do astral projection we need to activate our astral body and energy body.
  • Astral projection induces deep state of relaxation. To have out of body experience you need to relax deeply.
  • Astral projection gives you deeper understanding of truths in Astral world. You meet and interact with astral beings and understand a lot about their world.
  • Astral Projection activates our psychic abilities.
  • You get a chance to meet your loved ones who have passed away.

Dr Sandeep Bhasin is a Cosmetic Surgeon and interested in Body Mind Medicine and Self Growth Programmes. He is a Certified trainer in Cranio Sacral balancing


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